There are many different discs you can use for playing Ultimate frisbee. Two of the main discs that are used for this sport are Wham-O and Ultrastar. There are things about them that make one or the other good for different things.


1. Purpose:

  • The Ultrastar, officially known as the Discraft 175g Ultra Star, is the standard disc used in competitive ultimate frisbee. It is recognized and approved by major ultimate frisbee organizations, including USA Ultimate. The Ultrastar is specifically engineered for the demands of ultimate frisbee, providing the stability, durability, and flight characteristics required for high-level play.

2. Design:

  • The Ultrastar features a classic design with a diameter of 10.75 inches and a weight of 175 grams. It has a flat profile and a wide, shallow rim, allowing for a comfortable grip and precise throws. The consistent shape and weight distribution contribute to its stability in flight.

3. Material:

  • Typically made of durable plastic, the Ultrastar is designed to withstand the rigors of competitive play. The choice of material balances durability with the need for consistent flight performance.

4. Flight Characteristics:

  • The Ultrastar is renowned for its consistent flight path, stability, and accuracy. Players appreciate its predictable trajectory, making it an ideal disc for various throws, including hucks, flicks, and hammer throws. The Ultrastar’s flight characteristics contribute to the high level of control required in ultimate frisbee.

Wham-O Frisbee:

1. Purpose:

  • The term “Frisbee” is often associated with the iconic flying disc created by the Wham-O company. While Wham-O produces a variety of flying discs for recreational use, including freestyle play and casual tossing, the term “Frisbee” has become a colloquial name for any flying disc, regardless of the manufacturer.

2. Design:

  • Wham-O Frisbees come in various designs and sizes, catering to different preferences and playstyles. They may have different weights, sizes, and profiles, making them suitable for activities like freestyle frisbee, disc golf, and general recreation. Wham-O offers a range of discs, each tailored to a specific purpose or user preference.

3. Material:

  • Wham-O Frisbees are crafted from different materials depending on the specific model. Common materials include durable plastics designed to withstand outdoor conditions and the impact of landing on various surfaces.

4. Flight Characteristics:

  • Wham-O Frisbees are designed with versatility in mind, offering options for different levels of players and various playing environments. The flight characteristics can vary widely between models, accommodating both beginners and experienced players with options for stable flights, distance, and trick throws.

What should you use for Ultimate:

When it comes to playing ultimate frisbee, the preferred disc is the Ultrastar. The Ultrastar, officially known as the Discraft 175g Ultra Star, has become the standard disc for competitive ultimate frisbee. It is the disc of choice in tournaments and leagues sanctioned by organizations like USA Ultimate.

  1. Standardization: The Ultrastar is recognized as the official disc for competitive ultimate frisbee. Its consistent design and specifications contribute to fair and standardized play across different games and events.
  2. Flight Characteristics: The Ultrastar is specifically engineered for the demands of ultimate frisbee. It offers predictable flight characteristics, stability, and accuracy, making it suitable for a variety of throws and playing styles.
  3. Durability: The Ultrastar is designed to withstand the physical demands of competitive play. Its durable plastic construction ensures that it can endure regular use, including impacts with the ground and other players.
  4. Widely Available: Due to its standardization, the Ultrastar is widely available for purchase. Many sports retailers and online stores carry this disc, making it easily accessible for players.

While Wham-O Frisbees are popular for recreational play and come in various models suitable for different activities, they are not the preferred choice for competitive ultimate frisbee. The Ultrastar’s standardized design and performance characteristics contribute to a level playing field and are essential for serious competition in the sport. If you’re playing ultimate frisbee in a competitive setting, using the Ultrastar is highly recommended.



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